Beastie Boys go bowling in Detroit

From Detroit News Online:
Late Monday, Detroit's Garden Bowl played host to several special guests: The Beastie Boys and Mandy Moore.

The Detroit News confirmed Wednesday the odd-couple party -- flanked by several security guards, band members and various other types -- arrived at around 10:45 p.m., just after the Beasties wrapped the first show of their two-night stand at the Fillmore Detroit. They pulled up in four tour buses and stayed until around 1:30 a.m., says Majestic Theatre marketing director Phil Childers.

Moore, who was in town for her own show Tuesday night at Saint Andrew's Hall, attended Monday's super, sold-out Beasties show and hitched a ride to the Garden Bowl on one of the Beasties' tour buses.

She and her entourage laid claim to three lanes, while the Beasties and their hangers-on used up about 11.

Childers says he got a call Sunday from the Beasties' people to set up the party. "Everybody was very respectful, and everyone had a really cool time," Childers says. He says Beastie Boy Adam "MCA" Yauch was the best bowler of the group, but he says everyone broke 100.

Though security was in tow, several fans managed to get autographs as the Beasties made their way out of the Garden Bowl. Moore -- who "looks just like she does on TV," reports Childers -- was shielded by her band members most of the night.

Members of the party enjoyed slices of pizza from in-house eatery Sgt. Pepperoni's and sipped on Miller High Lifes, the Garden Bowl's drink of choice.

All in all, "it was very surreal the way everything worked out," Childers says.
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    4:10 PM Klepto said...

    OH YEAH! who's the biggest, baddest bowler around?! MY baby!! <3


    7:54 PM Spiffy D said...

    I'm pretty sure I can take Mandy Moore and her posse in bowling.

    ---- Damian

    9:23 PM pshabi said...

    That's so fucking beastie.

    1:39 AM Hot Sauce said...

    How does Yauch know how to bowl? Do they bowl in Brooklyn?!

    I went bowling with John Lydon. No joke.

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