Montreal Gala Event

The Beastie Boys tour resumed last night with a Gala Event at the Metropolis in Montreal, Canada. Despite Montreal being my favorite city in the world to see concerts and the Beastie Boys being a band whom I kind of like, I was not in attendance. I can only report what others are saying about the show.

According to one blogger at the show, the band chewed out a guy who bodysurfed during "B for My Name" (see the last minute in the video below). They ridiculed him for not being dressed appropriately for the Gala Event and suggested he try out some dance moves instead of bodysurfing.

"B for My Name"

A reviewer for describes the band as blasé and not at the top of their form. He reports their set was not tight; at times, their playing was out of synch. He also reports that only a handful of fans came dressed to impress.

Opener: Chromeo

Son of Neckbone
Live at PJ's
Futterman's Rule
14th Street Break [video]
Time for Living [video]
Root Down & Get It
Electric Worm [video]
Off the Grid
Pow [video]
Egg Raid on Mojo
Remote Control [video]
B for My Name
Lighten Up
3 MCs and 1 DJ [video // alternate video]
So What'cha Want [video]
Sure Shot [video]

A video of highlights of Son of Neckbone, Live at PJ's, Futterman's Rule, 14th Street Break, Time for Living, Root Down & Get It, Egg Raid on Mojo, So What'cha Want, Sure Shot, and Sabotage may be viewed here.


  • Concert review by Globe and Mail
  • Concert review by La Presse (in French)
  • Interview with Adam Yauch (in French)
  • Interview with Mike Diamond (in French)

    Opinion (via Blog Search)*
    *Uncredited on purpose

    "It was not a perfect show. There were too many abrupt transitions -- changes from funk-lounge instrumentals to punk songs and vice versa. But when the Beastie Boys and Mix Master Mike gave the audience what they really wanted (at least what I really wanted), which was their rap hits, it was great."

    "It kicked total ass."



    4:35 PM Saber said...

    What's up with the weak reviews?

    5:02 PM Spiffy D said...

    It seems to me that if the Beasties really want to pull off a Gala Event with their most loyal fans dressed to the nines they should play a small series of clubs and give message board/fan club members exclusive ticket access. Then stand back and watch the real Beastie freaks REPRESENT.

    5:28 PM Danielle said...

    They offered presales to the mailing list subscribers. Their error was not clarifying what the gala events were before selling tickets. Fans were confused.

    11:40 PM eugene said...

    I know this question has nothing to do with the Montreal show, but -
    What's the consensus on the best recordings of this years shows that are available to download? Both gala and regular shows. I noticed several links on this site and various bt sites to download. Berlin, Wiltern, Greek...etc.

    I live in the southeast U.S. and we missed out on the tour. Just wondering what I should sample.

    Just found the site and love it!
    Great job.

    10:06 AM Hot Sauce said...

    @Saber: The weak reviews are the result of the band not connecting with their audiences. The reviewer who described the band as blasé on stage was dead-on right. The band don't look at their audience; they stare off in space. They don't talk to the audience; they repeat a script. Their setlists are static; there are never any surprises. The band are detached. I don't know why. They're usually not like that.

    11:15 AM Saber said...

    they might be acting that way because they don't want to tour

    11:19 AM Hot Sauce said...

    Then don't tour.

    7:46 AM Dodger said...

    I get the feeling they don't care about touring. They haven't posted the setlists or written anything about the tour at

    10:09 AM Danielle said...

    I think they know Mic to Mic is blogging the tour. ;)

    7:17 PM Hot Sauce said...

    @Dodger: I believe they had good intentions about posting in their blog. It takes time to do a good job on a blog. They didn't have the time.

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