Beastie Boys at the Bell Centre

Click on the above photo to see a video report on the Beastie Boys shows in Montreal by (in French)

According to a reviewer for La Presse, Beastie Boys played to fewer than 10,000 fans at Montreal's Bell Centre, which has a capacity of 14,000. The reviewer writes that the band played many of the same songs performed at the Metropolis the night before, but in the Bell Centre the songs "lacked punch." The reviewer also reports that during the third song, there was audio failure that brought the show to a dead halt for 10 minutes.

Opener: Chromeo

MMM Intro [video]
Time for Living
Super Disco Breakin'
Live at PJ's
Tough Guy
Root Down
Sure Shot
Shake Your Rump [video]
Time to Get Ill [video]
Flute Loop
No Sleep Til Brooklyn [video]
Son of Neckbone
Egg Raid on Mojo
Body Movin'
3 MCs and 1 DJ
Skills to Pay the Bills
Pass the Mic
Remote Control [video]
Ch-Check It Out
Sabotage [video // alternate video // and another]


A video of highlights of Gratitude, Live at PJ's, Tough Guy, Flute Loop, No Sleep Til Brooklyn, Son of Neckbone, Egg Raid on Mojo, Sabrosa, Body Movin', 3 MCs and 1 DJ, So What'cha Want, and Sabotage may be viewed here.

  • Concert review by the Montreal Gazette
  • Concert review by La Presse (in French)
  • TQS showbiz report (video in French)



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