Beastie Boys on Sirius

According to, Beastie Boys are going to be on Sirius radio's Alt Nation (Channel 21) at 11 a.m. EST tomorrow (Tuesday, September 4), so don't miss it!

Update: We were misinformed about the Sirius program. The band were on the Boombox Channel, not Alt Nation. We're guessing everyone missed the interview.


11:25 AM Eric D said...

Is the date & time correct? I'm listening but they aren't on.

12:12 PM Emily said...

I listened online. No Beastie Boys. :( Is the online stream different than the radio broadcast?

12:15 PM Hot Sauce said...

Sorry, I have no info on the program. Perhaps the band canceled?

1:15 PM mikey said...

the internet & radio broadcast are the same

they're so old they forgot to show up for the

1:19 PM Hot Sauce said...

This old woman commands that there be no old people jokes. ;P

It's more likely that they didn't show because they were eating.

5:49 PM dave (facedownfall) said...

I just got a FedEx from JC, he says Adrock was busy walking his dog. He also said they are going turn this place into a roller skating rink after the show.

11:00 AM Eric D said...

Thanks for giving me the wrong info and wasting my time,

11:24 AM Danielle said...

I'm disappointed. We've been given wrong or late information too many times.

1:10 PM Hot Sauce said...

You probably didn't miss much. Their interviews have been dead dull for this album and tour because they haven't been challenged with smart questions.

Durrrr, why did you make an instrumental album?

"Umm...because we're musicians."

Whose idea was it to make an instrumental album?

"It was our idea."

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