Electric Picnic Gala Event

Son of Neckbone
Suco de Tangerina
Live at PJ's
14th Street Break [video]
Remote Control
Lighten Up
Root Down and Get It
The Gala Event
Jimmy James
B for My Name
Mark on the Bus
Time for Livin'
Off the Grid
Ricky's Theme
Do It
Heart Attack Man
So What'cha Want
Sure Shot

Lambrettara shares her experience attending the Gala Event staged at Electric Picnic:
The Gala Event was a lot more chilled out than the hip-hop show, because not everyone at the festival actually knew it was on. The Beastie Boys were billed as "Very Special Guests" in the Southern Comfort Crawdaddy Tent at 5:00 p.m. just after The Fall played. I watched The Fall (who were great) and waited for them, but then someone announced that the Beastie Boys would actually be playing in the Electric Arena again instead. My friend and I rushed over there and managed to grab a spot right at the front just in time before the place filled up, although it definitely was nowhere near as crowded as it was the previous night. The band came on earlier, at around 4:30 p.m., because they switched spots with Rahzel, who played in the Crawdaddy Tent instead.

Although the first show was great and had more stuff to sing along to, I enjoyed the Gala Event a lot more. It felt much more casual and relaxed. I was in front of Yauch most of the time, and he seemed a lot looser than the night before. Same goes for Horovitz, who talked a lot more this night. He gave some shout-outs to Donegal and Cork, and also told everyone about how "Ricky's Theme" was about summertime and smoking pot with Ricky Powell. It felt like the band were more relaxed this time around and were just having a good time.

The highlights of the second show for me were the instrumental version of "So What'cha Want," which sounded so groovy, and, surprisingly for myself, "Gratitude" since it really got the crowd going.


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