London Gala Event

Photo by North Country Girl

Midzi has returned home from London, happy, exhausted and with three setlists in hand.

Opener: Electrelane

Son of Neckbone [video]
Groove Holmes
Suco de Tangerina
Live at PJ's
Futterman's Rule
Remote Control [video]
Time for Living
14th Street Break
Do It
Lighten Up
Root Down and Get It
Electric Worm
In 3's [video]
Egg Raid on Mojo [video]
Something's Got to Give [video]
The Gala Event
Jimmy James
B for My Name
Mark on the Bus [video]
Off the Grid
Tough Guy
The Maestro
Ricky's Theme
Heart Attack Man
So What'cha Want
Sure Shot
3 MCs and 1 DJ



11:53 AM Dazza McGazza said...

Quite possibly the best Beastie Boys gig I have seen. Excellent venue and great sound quality.

Thanks for the set list. It's quite difficult to remember exactly what you've heard. I turned up during Live at PJs and was sure I heard Groove Holmes at one point in the evening and I thought they did 3 MCs before Sure Shot.

Jimmy James, Maestro, So What'cha Want and Sure Shot were highlights for me.

1:00 PM dave (facedownfall) said...

Oh cool, I love Electrelane...hope they bring them to the states later this month.

3:55 PM Carlos said...

My friend and I enjoyed this evening. Camden at night is a great place since the smoking ban, and we made the most of a sultry night. Beasties seemed to have matured into a band who enjoy themselves and are having a good time. I would not like the punishment of the tour they are doing though. Anyone able to post a recording of the show? It was great entertainment and we left sweaty and thankful.


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