Beastie Boys at Air Canada Centre

Photo by Mono Industries

If it weren't for the video proof, I wouldn't have believed that they performed "Rhymin' & Stealin'."

MMM Intro [video]
Time for Living
Remote Control [video]
Root Down [video // The Weave!]
Sure Shot [video]
Time to Get Ill [video // alternate video]
Shake Your Rump [video]
B for My Name [video // alternate video]
Electric Worm [video]
Pass the Mic [video]
Rhymin' and Stealin' [video // alternate video]
No Sleep Til Brooklyn [video // alternate video // and another]
Super Disco Breakin'
Triple Trouble [video]
Tough Guy [video]
The Maestro [video]
3 MCs and 1 DJ [video // alternate video]
Shambala [video]
Off the Grid [video]
Body Movin' [video // alternate video]
Ch-Check It Out [video // alternate video]
So What'cha Want [video]
MMM Interlude [video]
Intergalactic [video]
Heart Attack Man [video]
Egg Raid on Mojo [video (with banter)]
Sabotage [video // alternate video]


  • Concert review by Jam
  • Concert review by Eye Weekly
  • Concert review by Chartattack

  • Opinion (via Blog Search)*
    *Uncredited on purpose

    "Best. Concert. Ever. I yelled throughout the whole show, screamed every lyric and danced and jumped about like a crazy. It was super fun."

    "It was an amazing show. They may be getting older, but they've still got the "gro-hoove." Mix Master Mike does some loving awesome stuff on the turntables...The crowd was weird. There were people from 18 to 45, so super diverse. Everyone was hammered drunk even though the ACC stopped serving $13 domestic beer at 9:30, and after about half an hour, there was a cloud of marijuana smoke in the air."


    6:37 PM j e n n y said...

    Rhymin' & Stealin'?! ...and those reviews are the best! Looks like Canada got some love.

    8:02 PM Hot Sauce said...

    Too bad Canada's number one Beastie Boys fan wasn't there.

    8:48 PM Danielle said...

    Rhymin' & Stealin'? I guess the band heard the complaints about no surprises on this tour!

    The videos show it to be a high-energy concert.

    9:16 PM Saber said...

    Looks like an awesome show!

    4:48 PM paulbonardelli said...

    On the boards members who were at the show said they played Riot Fight before Sabotage...fuckin nutty...wish i coulda been there.

    5:02 PM Hot Sauce said...

    I think the people on the board are mistaken. Bboys played "Egg Raid on Mojo" before "Sabotage." Check out the video I linked.

    5:11 PM Klepto said...

    they said riot fight was played on saturday night's gala event :)

    5:16 PM Hot Sauce said...

    It's weird that they're pulling out new old stuff at the end of the tour. I wonder what motivated them to do so.

    I wanted to hear "Freaky Hijiki" on this tour. Yeah, that didn't happen and won't happen.

    6:50 PM Matt said...

    They most definitely played Riot Fight before Sabotage. Yauch suggested it at the last minute so it wasn't planned as a sure thing. Mike D said he thought the punk songs were going over weird with the crowd... Yauch said it was only 30 seconds anyway so fuck it.

    Highlight of both nights was Rhymin and Stealin. It was tight as hell.

    10:09 PM Hot Sauce said...

    We're talking about the hip-hop show here. I don't have any info on the Gala Event because nobody is writing or saying anything about it.

    3:56 PM dave790 said...

    quality, they can leave in surprises - on the spot or otherwise- whenever they feel like it. great to see!

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