Detroit Gala Event

Jeff shares some details from the Detroit Gala Event:
It was a dope-ass show! The crowd was dressed to impress. There was very little knucklehead behavior. One kid bodysurfed during "Egg Raid On Mojo." Everyone was feeling it, and the sound was great. The atmosphere was very mellow and enjoyable.

A couple had their two-year-old daughter with them on one parent's shoulders. MCA pointed it out and said that he had family there from Michigan. He also mentioned that they performed "Cookiepuss" at St. Andrews Hall in 1983.
Son of Neckbone
Groove Holmes [video]
Jimmy James
Suco de Tangerina
Live at PJ's
Futterman's Rule
Time for Living [video]
Remote Control [video]
Electric Worm [video]
Do It
14th Street Break
Ricky’s Theme
In 3's
Off the Grid
Egg Raid on Mojo
The Gala Event [video]
Root Down & Get It
Mark on the Bus
B for My Name
Lighten Up [video (pt 1) // video (pt 2)]
Tough Guy
The Maestro
Heart Attack Man [video]
So What'cha Want [video]
Sure Shot
3 MCs and 1 DJ [video]

Thanks to Jeremy for the setlist!

  • Concert review by the Detroit News (see photo gallery link with review)

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