Y Society sample Beastie Boys

Insight and Damu the Fudgemunk are Y Society, a hip-hop duo who produced one of the best hip-hop albums of 2007, titled Travel at Your Own Pace. Y Society create songs in the tradition of the golden age of hip hop (think of A Tribe Called Quest), with tight, jazzy beats and smart, well-executed rhymes.

On their song "Good Communication," Y Society cleverly sample the Beastie Boys' "Get It Together." Y Society's song title is, of course, a word play on the Beastie Boys album title Ill Communication.
Good Communication - Y Society (5.71MB mp3) [EXPIRED]
Remember, if you like it, buy it -- preferably at your local music store.


6:20 PM Saber said...


7:07 PM Emily said...

Like Ma Bell! I like the song. :)

9:59 PM gerbial said...


12:01 PM HeatherO said...

it is VERY hard to find this record in stores. i've been on the order list for MONTHS!

2:55 PM funkyfour said...

Very cool song. Thanx for posting!

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