Beastie Boys in Relix magazine

Relix - cover Relix - page 1 Relix - page 2 Relix - page 3

Relix - page 2 Relix - page 3 Relix - page 4 Relix - page 5

Relix - page 6

Thanks to Pootytang for supplying the scans!


10:05 AM Danielle said...

This is the best article I have read about the Beastie Boys in a long time! It was very informative.

Thank you for posting the article! I enjoyed it tremendously.

10:19 AM Hot Sauce said...

I agree. It's a good article, which is rare with the Beastie Boys. Most writers can't figure out how to present what the band give them in interviews. That's why so much of their press is transcripts of what they said.

I love that the writer talked to Mark and Fredo. What Mark says about the band in the article is some of the best shit ever -- at least, it's the type of thing I like to read.

11:08 AM Saber said...

mike likes arcade fire?

2:16 PM Hot Sauce said...

What Horovitz says about not understanding why people like the band is a bit strange. Does he really not understand their appeal? He should read what Mark says in the article.

5:21 PM Kevin said...

I'm lazy about reading but the comments here made me want to read the article. Great stuff!

12:48 PM morgannn said...

so I went to Barnes and Noble to buy this magazine after I saw the scans and as I'm checking out, the woman running the cash register next to the guy who's ringing me up goes: "THE BEASTIE BOYS?! THEY'RE STILL AROUND?! WOW AND ON A MAGAZINE" I just shuddered then laughed and then walked away.

ps. theres two pages missing from the scans with some prime beastie boys banter.

2:11 PM Hot Sauce said...

Yep, you're right about two pages being missing. I've got Pooty working on it.

6:12 PM Hot Sauce said...

The scan set is complete now. Thanks Pooty!

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