Conan O'Brien performs Beastie Boys song

After a two-month hiatus due to the writer's strike, Conan O'Brien returned to late night TV last night with a skit in which he shared how he spent his time off, singing and playing guitar at the office.


2:15 PM alikat said...

That was was so worth the wait to 5:57. I won't say more.

3:25 PM Saber said...


i bet adrock split his pants laughing at conan

3:59 PM Danielle said...

Conan is funnier when he writes his own material.

10:32 AM Emily said...


Conan is the best!!

I wonder what the Beasties think of Conan's version of the song.

10:34 PM doc said...

OMG, that was fantastic. I was skeptical but it was worth it.

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