Beastie Boys confirm appearance at MX Beat Soundfest

As expected, the Beastie Boys confirmed via their e-newsletter that they will be headlining the MX Beat Soundfest on March 8. Tickets are on sale now by phone (1-800-3-MX BEAT) and at


6:50 PM Saber said...

i wish i had a lizard

6:54 PM Spiffy D said...

i'll show you my lizard....

7:01 PM Hot Sauce said...

I know a guy who has a dog named Benjamin.

I don't know any Sauls. Is that weird?

7:20 PM Kevin said...

I have an Aunt Margaret in my family.

7:22 PM Saber said...

i don't know any sauls either

7:24 PM Saber said...

i bet i could find a lizard in mexico

7:34 PM Kevin said...

You can find lizards in Florida too.

8:28 PM Emily said...

Congrats to the Mexican fans!!

When are they going to confirm a show in my town?! :D

What's with all the lizard talk?

8:30 PM Hot Sauce said...

It's just silly-silly talk. Are you signed up to the official mailing list, Emily? If so, check your inbox.

8:35 PM Emily said...

I'm on the mailing list but I didn't get the email. Was I bad? :(

What did it say?

8:36 PM Hot Sauce said...

dear saul and margaret,

how long has it been? me and my dog miss you and your lizard soooo much.

what's his name, benjamin?

so anyway, we've got these 2 shows. one outside of ft. lauderdale and the other in mexico city. there was some deal where there were only tickets for the whole Langerado weekend and now it has changed and there are single day tix avail. Not sure of the current status, but whatever. if you are interested in coming to see us play then don't hold back. and if you are not interested, that's ok too. i will still consider you, saul and ben as friends until the end of time.

i'll copy and paste some info from jen (it was her birthday yesterday!) below.

hope to see you soon,

Friday, March 7th 2008
Langerado Festival
Big Cypress Seminole Indian Reservation - Florida
Single day tickets on sale NOW!

Saturday, March 8th 2008
MX Beat Soundfest
Centro Dinamico Pegaso - Mexico City - Mexico
1 800 3 MX BEAT

8:57 PM Emily said...


Lizards are creepy like snakes.

6:30 AM Midzi said...

Beastie Boys Europe is waiting for you :)

8:57 AM Hot Sauce said...

Don't you mean, Beastie Boys, Midzi is waiting for you? ;P

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