Win and see the Beastie Boys at Langerado!

Would you like to see the Beastie Boys perform at the Langerado Festival on March 7, 2008? Try your luck at winning one of the following contests:
  • Glide Magazine
  • The Milk Carton (note that the form is the same as Glide Magazine's; however, it's a separate contest)
  • Be sure to read the rules of each contest before entering.


    2:22 PM Spiffy D said...

    I'm going to stop showering now so that if I win I'll fit in with the rest of the stank hippies.

    8:49 AM Saber said...

    thanks! if i win i will give you the other ticket

    10:32 AM Hot Sauce said...

    That's very generous, but we're good here. If you win and need help finding someone to go with you, we can advertise for you.

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