Interview with the Beastie Boys in Poland

The following is a translation of an interview published on Polish Internet Portal (Photos by Mic to Mic)

When Beastie Boys were asked how they liked playing at the Heineken Festival in Poland, Adam Horovitz replied that he enjoyed playing two shows at the festival much more than when Beastie Boys played the first time in Poland in Warsaw in 1995. Mike Diamond said that he enjoyed the atmosphere of their first show in Poland, even though the sound was terrible. Adam Yauch said it was so hot that sweat was dripping from the ceiling and that he remembers the show in 1995 as being one of their most grueling concert experiences.

Diamond described their first show in Poland as them playing for "a bunch of 13 to 15 year olds in Pampers." He explained that the two shows in Poland [in 2007] were especially important for them because of their heritage. Diamond is one-quarter Polish and Yauch's grandfather comes from Krakow, which Yauch said was in Poland and now is in Austria. The interviewer, however, corrected him that Krakow is on the territory of Poland. Yauch was surprised and said that somebody told him it was in Austria.

Then the interview asked them how the transition from hardcore to hip-hop took place. Diamond said when he grew up, punk was part of his life and that it was his music. To which Yauch and Horovitz interjected that it's not only his music. Diamond then went on to claim he introduced his band mates to punk then to reggae and rap. Horovitz reminded Diamond to add country music to the list. Diamond said that punk is his music, but he doesn't own rap, otherwise he would be a very wealthy man now.

Then there was a question about the first hip-hop song they heard. Diamond replied that he thinks it was Kurtis Blow's "Christmas Rappin'," and Horovitz said he heard "Rapper's Delight" on the radio in a pizzeria in Brooklyn.

The interviewer said that punk and rap are both music of rebellion. He asked them what do they think it's worth to rebel against. Yauch replied to rebel against the war in Iraq and against politicians because there are many reason to criticize them for. Horovitz said that it's good when kids rebel against parents, and that is what he tries to teach them.

Then Beastie Boys were asked why they decided to record an instrumental album. The reply was, of course, that it was Yauch's idea and that Horovitz and Diamond liked and supported the idea.

Then they were asked if they think there should be something like retirement in music -- when the musician should end his or her career. Diamond said that the listeners decide when they retire. He also said he has this image in his head in which all three of them sit in wheelchairs and have races, with the nurses chasing them. Diamond wondered aloud if they would be allowed to rap in a nursing home. Horovitz said they would definitely play concerts in the nursing home, and that sexy nurses would help them.

The interviewer asked them if they are bothered by what is written about them on the Internet. Horovitz said there are a few sites on the Internet that write lies about him or reveal the secrets of his physical trainings (which are his secret weapon). He then said he doesn't trust some internet sites, but things written on such sites doesn't change his attitude toward fans, including the Polish fans whom he respects.

The last question was what they wanted to say to Polish fans. Diamond said that he would like to say hi to everybody and tell them that they missed the Polish fans. He also said he would like to thank the people of Poland for how the band were received in Gdynia. Horovitz said they had great fun in Poland, and they hope to get back to Poland sooner than the last time. Yauch said he think it's unfair that the audience did not focus too much attention on Muse (who played at the Heineken Festival after the Beastie Boys hip-hop set at 1 a.m.). He said that people attending festivals should appreciate all artists even if they do not the like what they play.


6:28 PM Hot Sauce said...

Wheelchairs and sexy nurses...


7:35 PM Emily said...

Thanks for translating the article Midzi!

I would like to see old people crowd surfing at their retirement home concerts. :D

7:54 PM Saber said...

i didn't know mca and mike were polish

are they joking?

8:55 PM Hot Sauce said...

Based on their comments about respecting the Polish fans and appreciating the welcome to Gdynia, I do not believe they were joking about being part Polish.

9:54 PM Kevin said...

We get to decide when they retire. We got the!

10:01 PM Baseline said...

nice comment on Muse, they deserve it
thanks Midzi

9:52 PM funkyfour said...

was yauch dissing muse?

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