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Money Mark was recently featured in a LA Weekly article about Brushfire Records and its environmentally efficient studio in Larchmont Village. The record company and studio were created by musician Jack Johnson and his manager, Emmett Malloy.

As one of Brushfire's artists who records in the "green" studio, Mark shared his ideas about being environmentally conscious:
"Maybe my next songs will be biodegradable," speculates keyboardist Money Mark later, over the phone from Brushfire, where he too is working on recordings. "People can listen to them for a few months and then they'll just disintegrate. Maybe I'll wear biodegradable clothes in front of the audience. I'll dress in potato sacks and rice bags." Though he's joking, it doesn't seem like too wide a stretch. On tour, the erstwhile Beastie Boys key man uses biodiesel fuel, biodegradable utensils and rechargeable batteries for his gear. He inspects venues to see what generators and lights they use, and he was the first musician to use a recyclable plastic tray for CD packaging. He can't remember the last time he bought new clothes; he makes thrift-store purchases exclusively. "It's sort of something I've always looked for."

"In the late '80s," he adds, "this phrase 'DIY' was going around and I was labeled as this DIY person. When you're that kind of person, you'll look for resources. You look for those things that are a reflection of your personality."

Read the full article about Brushfire Records at LA Weekly's web site.


10:10 PM Kevin said...

Money Mark is recording a new album?

10:45 PM Hot Sauce said...

If he wears a potato sack and rice bags, will he still do flips? ;P

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