Money Mark Live at The Troubadour

Money Mark performed at The Troubadour in Los Angeles last night, and our friend Jenny was there to enjoy the show. Check out Jenny's photos of the show at Flickr. Additionally, you can watch a few videos she filmed at Youtube [video 1 // video 2].

Color of Your Blue
Summer Blue
Sneaky People
Rock in the Rain
Tomorrow's Gold
Hand in Your Head
Pretty Pain
Never Stop
Pick Up the Pieces
Maybe I'm Dead

Jenny had the opportunity to chat with Mark before his set. An avid Beastie Boys concert-goer, Jenny asked Mark if fans could expect any more tour dates, other than the Langerado Festival, to be announced in 2008. Mark answered, "Just Florida." He did, however, speak enthusiastically about the vocal version of The Mix-Up being the big project for 2008.


7:55 PM Danielle said...

I hope we see something more than a vocal version of TMU. If it's as bad as the Michael Jackson Thriller remix album is, Beastie Boys fans are going to be disappointed.

9:33 PM Emily said...

Thanks to Jenny for the photos and video! :) My cousin in CA says the Trobadour is the best club to see a band in LA.

10:18 PM Saber said...

where can i find money mark live recordings?

10:38 PM HeatherO said...

WAY TO GO JENNY! getting the mix up info is RAD!

11:04 PM Hot Sauce said...

@Saber: Check DIME and the Beastie Boys Hub.

11:13 PM jenny said...

I only wish I could've gotten more info... I was too nervous chattin it up with thee one and only Money Mark. Miss Sauce can vouge that I am not the best reporter. *blush*

Emily, your cousin sure knows what they're talkin about. The Troubadour is single handedly thee best club for live music - ANYWHERE!

11:24 PM Hot Sauce said...

The Troubadour could stand some improvement in its beer offerings.

Jenny, whatchutalkinabout?! You're a great reporter! :D

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