Beastie Boys to headline MX Beat Soundfest?

We've learned that the Beastie Boys may be headlining the MX Beat Soundfest 2008 in Mexico City on March 8, 2008. The line-up for that date (there are several dates to the festival) is rumored to be:

Beastie Boys
The Cribs
Cold War Kids
Cut Copy
The Teenagers
Gang Bang DJs
Instituto Mexicano del Sonido
Todos Santos
DiscoRuido! Live!
Playmovil Project
Hello Seahorse

The festival will be held at Centro DinĂ¡mico Pegaso in Toluca (a one-hour drive from Mexico City and very close to the Toluca International Airport). Tickets will be available by phone (5325900 or 1-800-3-MX BEAT) and through It seems that ticket buyers must register at to be eligible to buy tickets. (Marlboro is the sponsor of the festival.) The festival's official web site is expected to launch on January 28.

Check back here for updates to this report and watch for an official confirmation of the appearance.

Thanks to Ektor for providing some festival details!

Update: The Mexican press are reporting the line-up as fact that has been confirmed by organizers.


10:03 PM Saber said...

this is good news! i can't go to mexico but i can hope for a show closer to home

10:14 PM Hot Sauce said...

Beastie Boys in Mexico is a sore spot with me.

What's really weird is the date of this festival in Mexico City is the exact same date of their cancelled show in Mexico City in 2005.

10:28 PM Danielle said...

Does this mean we can expect more concerts in 2008?

10:30 PM Saber said...

does adrock smoke marlboros?

10:34 PM Hot Sauce said...

@Danielle: I hope so!

@Saber: Uhh...I don't know.

10:38 PM Saber said...

why did they cancel their show in 2005??

10:45 PM Hot Sauce said...

That's the sore spot with me. I'm not going to dig up that shit now.

11:03 PM Emily said...

YAY! More shows Beastie Boys!!!! :D

11:35 AM rodrigo said...

where do beastie boys confirm they are at festival?


11:41 AM Hot Sauce said...

There's an official mailing list you can sign up for to receive email announcements at (see the "Mailing List" button on the home page). In recent times, the e-mail has been the first line of confirmation of events and releases. The second line is a posting on the web site (see "Tour Dates" on home page).

12:59 PM realifry said...

if there is a mexico show, could there be one in puerto rico too?

1:05 PM Hot Sauce said...

^Only if it's a festival.

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