Adam Yauch attends Public Enemy film screening

Chuck D and Adam Yauch (Photo: WireImage)

Adam Yauch showed up to support his friends in Public Enemy at the Recording Academy's private industry screening of "Public Enemy: Welcome to the Terrordome" at the Directors Guild of America in New York City on December 21. Beastie Boys and Mix Master Mike appear in the documentary film about the legendary rap group by director Robert Patton-Spruill.

Following the screening, the audience was treated to an interactive conversation with Chuck D and Professor Griff.

Professor Griff and Adam Yauch (Photo: WireImage)

More photos from the screening are located here.

(Thanks to Friis!)


1:27 PM Spiffy D said...

Public Enemy remains one of the very best live hip hop acts I've ever seen. I saw them a few times at DC's 9:30 club way back in the day when I got in with fake I.D.

I was lucky to survive.

It's great when a band is so kickass and have something important to say.

How about a Public Enemy/Rage A. The Machine/Beastie Boys tour?

2:15 PM Saber said...

mca looks like he hasn't been eating

chuck d on the other hand...

2:26 PM Hot Sauce said...

A Public Enemy/RATM/Beastie Boys tour?

You just listed three bands with the worst-behaving audiences ever.

3:32 PM Spiffy D said...

Yeah Sauce, you're right about the audiences.

But one can dream.

However, I've been to crazy violent shows where the bands have been able to sort of calm the fans down by threatening to stop playing. And not serving alcohol would be a BIG help.

3:36 PM Klepto said...

omg omg it's yauchy!! awwwwwww!! :D

and public enemy wooooo! :)
and yauch! <3

3:45 PM Kevin said...

MCA and Griff look like they were making out.


3:57 PM Hot Sauce said...

^Don't rile up Klepto. :D

9:52 AM Emily said...

It's Yauch! :D

8:08 PM Anna said...

"You just listed three bands with the worst-behaving audiences ever." ------- I don't know where you guys live, but I can only speak of Public Enemy. I went to a PE concert in Houston during 2007 and I must say that everyone was well behaved. The crowd was more my age (30-40+), and seemed more socially and politically motivated. In speaking with the couple next to me, we all mourned over the past days of rap with a conscious and agnonized much of the rap that passes as music today. I assure you, we 40+ year old people were NOT brandishing weapons of any kind nor throwing punches. But that was just Houston, which happens to be one of the most crime ridden cities in the US.

4:41 PM drummermike said...

i saw murphy's law,public enemy,and beastie boys back in like 87,88.i also saw run dmc and beastie boys about a year later.i was probably like 16 or 17 and a white minority at both shows.NO PROBLEMS AT ALL!i've hung out in nubian neighborhoods and have never experienced any sort of violence or bigotry.i cannot say the same about my fellow cream colored counterparts!

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