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I would like to thank Midzi for updating the site while I was in Argentina on holiday. Midzi did such a wonderful job that I've asked her to continue contributing to the site.

Apparently, I wasn't the only American who enjoyed what the great city of Buenos Aires, Argentina, has to offer last week. According to Pagina 12, the Beastie Boys, who were in the Argentine capital to perform at the Bue Festival, roamed the city, sampled its fare, and went shopping and clubbing while they were there.

Below is an English translation of the Pagina 12 article, courtesy of my friend Celeste.
Beastie Boys, The Passion of the Empanada

They bring hip hop, rap, and funk to the white world. And when they came here, the Beastie Boys took in all the "vintage" stuff they could catch in Buenos Aires. They ate and drank everything, but asked for silence from the members of Elefant backstage at the festival (see article 'nos pidieron silencio').* Beastie Boys tasted asado, some vegetarian food, and became big fans of empanadas. Some members went clubbing to Barhein and La Cigale, where a happy MC Rey Gabriel gave them some vinyls as a gift. On Tuesday, the band walked by Recoleta, Palermo and San Telmo, where their relationship with the empanadas began -- a love that grew stronger in the following days. Even Mike D. visited La Esquina de las Flores looking for vegetarian empanadas. On Friday they threw an empanada party in their hotel rooms. They remembered their last visit to the city ten years ago and even went looking for a street basquet club in Palermo where they played on their last visit. Unfortunately, they couldn't find it. They also went shopping for suits to use in their concerts, but didn't find what they wanted. The band Yeah Yeah Yeahs followed them closely. Mix Master Mike, who came with his wife, didn't join the band and instead walked in the city with his wife and ate all the meat he could find.
*Another article published in Pagina 12 describes how the Beastie Boys dressing room was next to Elefant's and how the Beastie Boys had to ask the band to quiet down.

Kabul Radio will broadcast the Beastie Boys performance at the Bue Festival this Saturday (November 11), beginning at 1:00 pm (ARG time). The radio station will be airing the full festival, so the Beastie Boys performance will be a couple hours into the broadcast.

Additionally, I will be posting an audience recording of the show in the coming weeks.



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