A Brand New Tomorrow

Money Mark will release his new album entitled Brand New by Tomorrow on February 20th, 2007. The album will be released via Brushfire Records. Tracks on the album contain titles such as "Color of Your Blue," "Eyes That Ring," "Pick Up The Pieces," (the album's first single), "Black Butterfly," "My Loss," and "Summer Blue".

"This isn't your typical jump up and down and have fun record like I usually make," says Mark of the 11-song project.

"I was really vulnerable at the time I was making the album," Mark continues. "I was writing for therapy, just to get through my day. These songs didn't come easy. Maybe I wrote a couple in one sitting, but that sitting was a long dark night." (from ign.com)



3:20 PM Damian said...

I haven't heard how/why/or what Money Mark's problems are about. It's none of my bidness unless he makes it public. Hope he's ok though. Hopefully it's nothing more serious than him having his gear stolen last year, which sucks the big donkey nutt.

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