Happy Birthday show in Curitiba

On Tuesday Beastie Boys played their second show in South America. The show in Curitiba coincided with Adam Horovitz's 40th birthday so fans had an opportunity to celebrate this special occasion with him.

Adrock's Happy Birthday moment

Below you can find other videos from the show.

Entrance and Intro [video]
Intro & triple Trouble [video]
3 MC's & 1 DJ [video]
Gratitude [video]
Sure Shot [video]
Body Movin [video]
Alright Hear This & No Sleep Till Brooklyn [video]
Intergalactic [video]
Time To Get Ill [video]
Root Down [video]
Sabotage [video1] // [video2]

video credits: Junker, Chacal, commontrance


photo credits:carolinebittencourt, DrIcA NeVeS YYY


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