Adrock featured in LL Cool J special

As part of its Hip Hop Honors offerings this week, VH1 is airing an episode of the show Driven about LL Cool J, featuring both Adam Horovitz and Cey Adams. If you are unfamiliar with the story about how Horovitz helped LL Cool J's career, you can hear it straight from Horovitz' mouth in this show. Horovitz also describes his contribution to LL Cool J's song "I Need a Beat," as well as talks about the Beastie Boys' experience touring with the rapper whom ladies love. Cey Adams shares his personal memories of meeting a young LL Cool J and talks about how it was obvious from the start that Cool J's talents were special.

The show airs tonight (Oct. 14) at 9 pm on VH1 and will be repeated throughout the week. Check for additional times.


2:41 PM Guga said...

i go on the beastie boys show on brazil Rio de Janeiro 10-29-2006 if i record i send for you.

4:02 PM Hot Sauce said...

Thanks, Guga. That would be cool.

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