Audio Share: FM Broadcast - Beastie Boys Live at the Bue Festival

Photo by Beto Landoni / FM Kabul

A Beastie Boys show is just not a Beastie Boys show without the banter and a performance of "Sabotage." In its webcast of the Bue Festival, Kabul Radio edited the Beastie Boys performance to exclude their goofy chattering among themselves, their addresses to the audience, and the performance of the band's closing song. Fucked up, right? Well, it turns out that Kabul Radio did do Beastie Boys fan right. The festival was aired on Argentine radio in its entirety LIVE on November 3. An mp3 recording of that FM broadcast is what I have to share today. Listen to Mike D ask for a massage, Adrock whistle, and the band discuss Biz Markie's big head. There are songs in there too.

FM Broadcast - Beastie Boys Live at the Bue Festival (Time: 1:13 / Size: 61 MB) **LINK UPDATED**
Club Ciudad de Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires, Argentina
November 3, 2006

The recording includes audio commentary by two radio DJs; however, it's less annoying than the commentary on the webstream recording.

Mucho gracias to Gonzalo for providing the fan community with this recording.

DO NOT POST THE AUDIO LINK ON BEASTIEBOYS.COM. Please link only to this site.


3:05 AM midzi said...

The link does not work for me. It redirects me to other megaupload site.

9:39 AM Hot Sauce said...

The file reached maximum downloads. I re-upped it again and changed the link. Try now.

8:02 PM Anonymous said...

hey you guys the link is not working... could it be possible that we trade our pictures and videos from the concert in Argentina the last november 3rd, for the audio of the Kabul radio?? (we were really close to the stage, so we have kick ass videos)

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