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Not a heck of a lot is going on in Beastieboysland now, but that should change soon. In 2009, you can expect a new Beastie Boys album and, presumably, a tour to follow.

From all accounts (i.e., what Adam Yauch has said in Gunnin'-related interviews and what the band told the press during the Get Out and Vote Tour), the new Beastie Boys album will be a mixed bag of sounds à la Check Your Head and Ill Communication. In other words, you can expect to hear some rap, instrumentals, and possibly some hardcore on the new album. According to Yauch, the new album should be out "early part of next year." (Hear him say so in a recent interview with XTRA Sports San Diego.)

Speaking of new music...busy with other things these past few months, we failed to report the release of four new bonus tracks from The Mix-Up. The songs -- titled "LTD," "Beasley Is a Beast," "The Panda Rat" and "Politickin'" -- were used in the soundtrack of Yauch's film Gunnin' for That #1 Spot. The songs are available to download exclusively at

Yauch's film, which was released to dvd on October 21, is available to watch or download in its entirety via's Video on Demand. allows you to watch the first 10 minutes of the movie for free. (This service is restricted to the United States.)

Another recording from the Get Out and Vote Tour has surfaced. We converted and posted mp3s for easy download:

Beastie Boys Live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Nov. 2, 2008
Recorded and shared by sullylove

DOWNLOAD TORRENT AT DIME [account required]

As they have done for the last few years, Beastie Boys have contributed a lunchbox design to the annual Lunchbox Auction, which benefits the Food Bank For New York City and the Lunchbox Fund. The auction begins Dec. 11 and ends on Dec. 18. A photo of the Beastie Boys' design is not yet available on the auction site.


6:03 AM The Update said...

All things are restricted to the United States area only :(

2:54 PM bboys#1fan said...

all the beastie boys live in winsconsin??!!

4:16 AM Barbara said...

I have a really good feeling that this album will be huge for them. Can't wait.

6:06 PM Cheesyman said...

Thanks for the Milwaukee mp3's! I was at the show. It ROCKED!

3:39 PM campbeln said...

The MP3 album is available at Amazon here:

2:17 PM campbeln said...

Man, I tried to buy the tracks from Amazon and it was a freaking nightmare! Here I go trying to do the right thing and buy them (I always support the boys) and Amazon cannot get their sh!t together! I've told them to give me my money back as their system simply will not send me all the tracks (I got 1 of the 6, so my connection is good it's their jacked systems).

So beware, Amazon can't seem to find their ass with both hands on this one. Why can't the boys give me a PayPal tip jar so I can just go download a torrent?


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