Get Out and Vote tour: Richmond, VA

Photo by Beezwaxxx

Mix Master Mike Intro [VIDEO // ALTERNATE VIDEO (with Sure Shot)]
Sure Shot [VIDEO]
Shake Your Rump
Triple Trouble [VIDEO]
Posse in Effect [VIDEO]
Body Movin'
Root Down [VIDEO (with The Weave)]
Do It
Pass the Mic
Super Disco Breakin'
Ch-Check It Out
No Sleep Til Brooklyn [VIDEO // ALTERNATE VIDEO]
3 MC's and 1 DJ [VIDEO]
"It's a family show." [VIDEO]
Right Right Now Now
So What'cha Want [VIDEO (with Intergalactic)]


  • Richmond Times-Dispatch: Beasties, Crow in "Get Out and Vote" tour at Coliseum
  • Richmond Times-Dispatch: Slideshow of Rock the Vote Rally in Monroe Park
  • Ellwood Thompson's Blog: The Beastie Boys Love Ellwood's
  • WRIC TV: 'Rock The Vote' Visits Richmond
  • Video of Yauch speaking at Richmond Rally
  • Rolling Stone: Beastie Boys, Sheryl Crow, Jack Johnson Rock the Vote in Virginia

    4:14 AM facedownfall said...

    MMM Intro
    Sure Shot
    those above were the first two.

    not sure of order but here's the rest from what i remember:

    Shake Your Rump
    Root Down
    Triple Trouble
    Body Movin'
    Posse In Effect
    Do It
    Pass The Mic
    Ch-Check It Out
    No Sleep Till Brooklyn
    Right Right Now Now
    3 MC's and One DJ
    So What'cha Want

    10:36 AM Hot Sauce said...

    Thank you!

    10:46 AM squirrely06 said...

    this concert rocked my socks! the beastie boys have made me fall in love with them all over again!

    10:53 AM facedownfall said...

    your welcome...oh I forgot to add Super Disco' Breakin' somewhere near Do It.

    how could i forget the line.."yes virginia, i eat the pannekoeken"

    as with every location when they perform Pass The Mic, Mike rapped "here in Virginia.."

    he went on to mention after the song that he liked the part where he got to say Virginia, to which Yauch and Horovitz admitted they didn't pay attention...then they kept saying "Virginia" in funny voices.

    12:17 PM Holysmokes said...


    12:49 PM HeatherO said...

    that wasn't the exact list. same songs. i wrote them down as they were played. posted on BBMB. :)

    12:50 PM HeatherO said...

    oh oh! and the Verrr-giinnnnya is from a DJ Kool live album. mike was trying to remember where he heard that and i recognized it instantly b/c i have it!

    12:55 PM Holysmokes said...

    what is bbmb??

    1:03 PM Birdy said...

    I'm looking for a recording of this show.

    1:28 PM Spiffy D said...

    BBMB is Beastie Boys message board.

    Go there or be square!

    2:25 PM Holysmokes said...

    No thanks, I'm not a message board person

    2:35 PM Music said...

    Predictable setlist. When did the Beasties get so boring?

    2:53 PM Hot Sauce said...

    Boring? It seems to me that they're trying to please the crowds.

    2:55 PM Spiffy D said...

    Beasties are trying to get the vote message out, not debut new songs.

    4:47 PM Hot Sauce said...

    I would appreciate if you have information or corrections about the shows, please email me or post the info/corrections in the comments here. I rarely have time to visit the BBMB. Thanks!

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