New album from Eric Bobo

Photo courtesy of Nacional Records is hosting an mp3 exclusive from Eric Bobo's new album, titled The Meeting of the Minds Vol. 1, courtesy of Nacional Records. Bobo was the Beastie Boys' percussionist and drummer from the Check Your Head to Hello Nasty period. A stream of Bobo's entire album is available to listen to at Nacional Record's web site.

Bobo's album, which celebrate its release today, may be purchased at and the iTunes Music Store.

For more information on Bobo, review the quick links on the front page of and visit Bobo's myspace page.


5:07 PM funkyfour said...

Bobo on the corner!

1:38 AM A.R.W. said...

the album sounds dope!

2:23 PM freeze said...

Please visit Eric Bobo's Official website @

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