Get Out and Vote tour: Denver, CO

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MMM Intro [VIDEO // ALTERNATE VIDEO (with Tenacious D "We Got The" intro)]
Body Movin' [VIDEO (with Ch-Check It Out)]
Ch-Check It Out
Sure Shot [VIDEO]
Root Down
Shake Your Rump
Super Disco Breakin'
Flute Loop
Pass the Mic
Right Right Now Now
No Sleep 'Til Brooklyn [VIDEO]
3 MC's and 1 DJ [VIDEO]
So What'cha Want
The Biz vs The Nuge
Time for Livin' [VIDEO (with Tenacious D)]
Sabotage "Goodnight, George W. Bush" [VIDEO // ALTERNATE VIDEO]

Beastie Boys Live in Denver, Colorado, Nov. 3, 2008
Recorded and shared by brianblank
DOWNLOAD TORRENT AT DIME [account required]

Photo by Rock the Vote 2008

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    7:48 PM Emily said...

    I would pee my pants if MCA was sitting next to me on a plane!! That guy was so lucky!

    8:48 PM Fittonia said...

    MCA was lucky you weren't sitting next to him on a plane

    4:14 AM paulbonardelli said...

    the Denver recording was put up on DIME...the setlist was:

    01. Intro by Jack Black & Kyle Gass
    02. Mixmaster Mike juggles
    03. Body Movin'
    04. Ch-Check It Out
    05. Sure Shot
    06. Root Down
    07. Shake Your Rump
    08. Super Disco Breakin'
    09. Flute Loop
    10. Pass The Mic
    11. Right Right Now Now
    12. No Sleep Till Brooklyn
    13. [Thank yous]
    14. Three MC's And One DJ
    15. So What'cha Want
    16. [banter]
    17. Intergalactic
    18. [encore break]
    19. The Biz Vs The Nuge
    20. Time For Livin' *
    21. Sabotage

    might wanna edit that and add it up...

    11:36 PM Hot Sauce said...

    Thanks, Paul!

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