Get Out and Vote tour: Charlotte, NC

Introduction by Sheryl Crow and Santogold & enter the Bboys!!

MMM Intro
Super Disco Breakin' [VIDEO]
Triple Trouble
Skills to Pay the Bills
Sure Shot [VIDEO]
Alright Hear This
Pass the Mic
Ch-Check It Out [VIDEO]
Do It
Body Movin'
Root Down
3 MC's and 1 DJ
Right Right Now Now
No Sleep 'Til Brooklyn [VIDEO]
Intergalactic [VIDEO]


  • Concert review by Charlotte Observer
  • CLT Blog: Beastie Boys @ UNC Charlotte [with video report]
  • Video of Beastie Boys, Santogold, and Sheryl Crow at CPCC Central campus

    *Perry Farrell has been announced as the special guest at the Youngstown, Ohio, show tomorrow night!*

    1:06 PM Dave K said...

    no surprises in the set list but still good

    1:14 PM Spiffy D said...

    Skillz Billz and Do It aren't all that common. Nice pics. I wonder if Rock The Vote is filming these shows for commercial release because that would be schweet.

    1:21 PM Hot Sauce said...

    "Right Right Now Now"? Right on!!

    2:43 PM The Update said...

    Ah, it's so nice to see them doing stuff again. And for a great reason!
    I really hope that they will come up with some things with Santogold.

    6:34 PM funkyfour said...

    it'd be nice to see them in a small theater like that

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