Mix Master Mike's got tough love

Mix Master Mike has contributed to a new anti-smoking campaign created by TheTruth.com, the people who get your attention about the hazards of smoking with their unusual television commercials. TheTruth.com's new campaign has world-renowned DJs, like Mix Master, Diplo, Pete Rock, and Z-trip, remixing the anti-smoking organization's theme music. Hear Mix Master Mike's remix, titled "Tough Love (Mix Master Mike's Ashtray Mix)," at www.thetruth.com/remix/ and at Imeem.com/thetruth.

Not only did Mix Master Mike agree to remix a song for TheTruth.com, he also agreed to be interviewed and talk about his experience as a former smoker. Watch his interview below and see Buford the pig and hear the master talk about his good buddies, the Beastie Boys.


7:58 PM Spiffy D said...

Smoking is bad, um-kay. You shouldn't smoke, because smoking's bad. Um-kay.

All b.s. aside, yay Mix Master Mike.

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