Get Out and Vote tour: Youngstown, OH

Information on the Youngstown show is slow coming in. Several things photos from the show have revealed is actor Ben Stiller joined the Beastie Boys on stage as Adrock's doppelgänger, and the band busted out the instruments.

Photos by Katie Libecco

Partial Setlist
MMM Intro
Sure Shot [VIDEO (with Super Disco Breakin')]
Super Disco Breakin'
No Sleep Til Brooklyn [VIDEO]
Root Down [VIDEO "Let's weave it up! Let's weave it up!" (with Ben Stiller) // ALTERNATE VIDEO (with Check It Out)]
Check It Out
So What'cha Want [VIDEO (with Intergalactic)]
Sabotage [VIDEO]


  • Youngstown Vindicator: Rockin' the Vote
  • WKBN: The Rock The Vote Wrap-Up
  • Video of Beastie Boys and Ben Stiller at Youngstown State University

    11:02 AM cool coper said...

    I want to be jostled to the election booth by three charming mcs and one excellent dj too. Too bad there aren't any epic election battles in old Europe... Thanks, Hot Souce, for the superb documentation.

    11:16 AM Hot Sauce said...

    Thank you. We do this for the fan community.

    11:47 AM Kevin said...

    Instruments means they did Sabotage

    12:09 PM funkyfour said...

    not without mark

    7:19 PM Doc said...

    Yay for instruments! *crosses fingers for St. Paul*

    8:34 PM Hot Sauce said...

    Enjoy the St. Paul show, Doc!

    10:42 PM Fittonia said...

    Ben Stiller, wannabe Beastie

    9:13 PM pshabi said...

    Holy shit! Ben Stiller lived out an EXACT dream of mine. Same song, same lines, everything.

    You know what they say:
    "Jealousy's a motherfucker."

    Wow, do those words ever ring true!

    12:30 PM Killbuzz said...

    stiller is living my dream too

    12:12 AM bboys#1fan said...

    "2 adrocks in the house!"-mikeD
    but seriously i think the beasties and ben stiller are good friends because i hav seen ben in other bboys concerts, at mike D's house(in a youtube video).....and other things bbut i just found that a little funny..

    2:25 PM Anonymous said...

    lol. ben stiller. dope

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