Music for "Beautiful Losers"

My friend Rachel, who volunteered at the South by Southwest Festival (SXSW) in Austin, Texas, had the opportunity to meet Money Mark when he was there last week and see Beautiful Losers, the film for which he scored the music. I asked Rachel to tell me about the film. Rachel shared the following:
Beautiful Losers is a documentary about artists. The music was mostly all done by Money Mark. It was an amazing film -- definitely my favorite of the festival.

The film followed about five artists. Each artist explained what got them started with the art scene and different aspects of the art subculture. It had a section about skateboarding, music, graffiti, and fashion. I loved the way it was composed and how all the stories grew and connected. There were some funny parts, but also some sad parts. It wasn't just a documentary that informs; it also inspires you to be creative and think differently.

At one point, the film showed some of the work done by the artists and I recognized a poster for the Beastie Boys. It's the one with a triangular stack of speakers with "Beastie Boys" printed underneath. It's white with pink, orange, and red
[the 1995 Quadraphonic Stereo Tour design].

I think that if you're interested in art, street art, creativity, or cool stuff, you'd be interested in
Beautiful Losers.

After the movie was screened at the festival, Money Mark participated in a Q&A with the audience. See Rachel's photos from the Q&A at Flickr.

While at SXSW, Money Mark conducted a short video interview with and talked about his involvement with Beautiful Losers and the Beastie Boys recent shows:


10:46 PM Danielle said...

It's great to see Money Mark involved in such an interesting project. I hope the film comes to my area.

11:10 PM Saber said...

cool! where can i download the soundtrack?

11:14 PM Hot Sauce said...

Sorry, I haven't been able to find any information about the soundtrack being released.

2:22 AM the reaper said...

There should be no more grateful person in the world than a successful musician.

1:30 PM Emily said...

Hooray for Money Mark! :D

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