Beastie Boys at MX Beat Soundfest 2008

Photo by Producción MX Beat

Thanks to 3d-alex, we have a setlist and some details about the Beastie Boys performance in Toluca, Mexico, at the MX Beat Soundfest.

MMM Intro [VIDEO (w/Root Down)]
Sure Shot [VIDEO - pt 1 & pt 2 // ALTERNATE VIDEO]
Triple Trouble [VIDEO]
Shake Your Rump
Sabrosa [VIDEO of end of song & then Beastie Boys pow-wow on stage]
Pass the Mic [VIDEO]
Ch-Check It Out [VIDEO]
No Sleep Til Brooklyn [VIDEO (check out MMM's contribution)]
Time for Livin'
Remote Control [VIDEO]
Egg Raid on Mojo
Flute Loop
Brass Monkey [VIDEO]
Body Movin' [VIDEO]
Gratitude [VIDEO]
B for My Name
Tough Guy
Rhymin' & Stealin'
So What'cha Want [VIDEO // ALTERNATE VIDEO // AND ANOTHER (w/Intergalactic)]

3d-alex shares:
They started 45 minutes late, just after MIA. The show was great; they played great. Only MCA seemed a little laid back. I think I heard the guys said that he had the flu, but I could be wrong. They seemed really happy to be there. All of them made a toast with some wine (or that's what it seemed) just before "Sabotage" because it was their first time playing in Mexico. In the middle of "Check It Out," they tried to make the crowd raise their hand and point their index finger and say "FRESH!" It kind of worked. The overall response was great, for a crowd that had been waiting several hours while the weather was getting colder and colder. I am pretty sure that it got to 0° Centigrades (32° Fahrenheit), maybe lower. I was happy that I finally got to see them after they canceled the shows here a few years ago.

...The sound was great. I keep reading that the sound wasn't great, but to me it was fine. It maybe had to do with my standing right next to the soundboard.

  • A review by Diez a uno ("...the band's dynamic performance of 'Sabotage' was enough for Mexican fans to forgive them for ignoring their country for 20 years")
  • A report at
  • A review by La Jornada ("After a 45-minute delay, the Beastie Boys performed a funny and eclectic set that impressed the Mexican audience...There were major sound problems but the band's energy saved the concert.")

    2:26 AM Alejandro said...


    I was there last night.... they played for almost an hour and a half.. they played almost the same songs than in Langerado, but no Super Disco Breakin... They also played Brass Monkey and No sleep'till Brooklyn!... and yes it was cold....

    7:56 AM Golfo said...

    It was'n half an hour. That report got it wrong. They did the regular show and played all the hits.

    8:00 PM Saber said...

    haha "eat me"

    mixmaster is a funny guy

    8:09 PM pshabi said...

    Dude, 32 degrees! 'Ell Nah Dahg! Ell Nah!!!!!!

    8:54 PM Emily said...

    It sounds like the fans in Mexico were very nice to the Beastie Boys! It must be wonderful for the band to play in a country for the first time and feel so welcomed. :)

    9:00 PM Kevin said...

    It was warmer in New York City than it was in Mexico.

    2:07 PM DieGO said...

    Hey, I was also there and I remember the first song they played with Instruments was Sabrosa and they were going to do another one with them guitars but they had some audio troubles so they had to skip it and do something else, as you can see in the video they didn't knew what to play, so they did Pass the Mic and some more MC songs, well that's how I remember it.

    12:26 PM Mr HeAd PoTaTo said...

    Beeeeeeeestieeeeeeeeee boysssssssssss thannnnksssssss to comeeeeeeee mexicooooooo and more videos and pictures

    mi email for all fans is

    12:42 PM Diego said...

    Great to see the correct order of the setlist and the pics my friend took. Keep it up mate!

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