Money Mark to perform at SXSW

Despite anything you may have read or heard elsewhere, Beastie Boys are not currently in Austin, Texas, at the South by Southwest Festival and will not be performing a secret show there.

Adam Yauch, who is now a big-wig film exec in addition to being a Beastie Boy, attended the festival to see some films. But he's strictly there to watch, not perform.

Money Mark, on the other hand, IS performing at the festival. Mark's show is tonight at Buffalo Billiards. You must have a SXSW badge or know someone to get into the show.


6:57 PM Anonymous said...

Don't foget about former Poewll Peralta and Real Skateboards pro, Tommy Guerrero. My man.

7:36 PM Hot Sauce said...

I believe Mark and Fredo are big friends with Guerrero.

5:42 AM razmatazern said...

too bad it was 21+
i've been seeing those flyers everywhere! everytime i saw i pile of them, i would grab one.

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