Message from Yauch: Support Tibet!!

Dalai Lama Won’t Stop Tibet Protests


hey all,

hope you don't mind me hitting you on the b-boys blast line, but things are really getting intense in tibet now. it's coming to a head. i just hope that all of the suffering that the tibetan protesters are enduring leads to some positive change, hence this letter. we can push our governments to lean on the chinese government to stop the cultural genocide.

attached below is a news bulletin that i got this morning. if you are a US citizen please take the time to write to your local congress representative and ask them to get to work. if you are a citizen of another country, you can ask your government reps...

it would be sad if what is happening in tibet now had no constructive result.


Urgent Action: Tell your Congressional Representative to Support Tibet

In horrific late breaking news, Radio Free Asia is now reporting that up to 80 or more Tibetans have been killed in today’s violent clashes with Chinese military. Chinese authorities responded with brute force today to ongoing protests in Lhasa and across Tibet. Supported by tanks, thousands of armed troops have sealed off the three major monasteries where nonviolent protests were initiated on Monday. Chinese police have fired live ammunition into crowds of unarmed Tibetans and unconfirmed reports from eye-witnesses in Lhasa say that 26 Tibetans were gunned down outside Drapchi prison. While the international public and media have been appropriately horrified by China’s clampdown, the U.S. has made only very weak statements. White House Spokesman Tony Fratto said, “We believe Beijing needs to respect Tibetan culture. They need to respect multi-ethnicity in their society. We regret the tensions between ethnic groups and Beijing.”

Please contact your Congressional Representatives now and urge them to support Tibet by calling on the U.S Government to strongly condemn China’s actions.




4:54 PM Spiffy D said...

This is truly awful, yet not unexpected. Boycott the Olympics!!

I'm greatly looking forward to attending the Dalai Lama's "Concert for Peace" next month here in Seattle.

3:39 PM funkyfour said...

it's ok if yauch wants to post about tibet on beastie boys website but i don't want to get emailed about it

3:47 PM Hot Sauce said...

I understand your position, but I would argue that if you have the attention of many people (like Yauch does), you have a moral responsibility to communicate what's happening if it can help someone.

What I find interesting is that he signs his name "Adam" when he has something important to say and "yauch" (with a lowercase y!) when he's Mr. Beastie Boy. It's a little Jekyll-and-Hydish to me. LOL

4:04 PM Deedee said...

I don't completely understand what is happening in Tibet, but I don't mind he emails me to read about it.

4:11 PM Emily said...

I wish MCA would email me every day! I don't care what the topic is!! :D

6:33 PM Kevin said...

At least he's not spamming us about male enhancement drugs.

6:35 PM Hot Sauce said...


8:44 PM Tigermama said...

It's nice when people care about someone other than themselves. I wish I could do more than contact my congressman to help. Human oppression must be stopped.

8:59 PM Hot Sauce said...

I suggest if you really want to make an impact, you call your congressperson or senator and request an appointment to discuss the topic face-to-face. Most people think that politicians won't make time to meet with "regular Joes" about their concerns -- but that's their job! Their job is to represent the people.

9:20 PM Tigermama said...

My senator is campaigning to be president! He issued a statement on Tibet:

9:25 PM Hot Sauce said...

Statement from Hillary Clinton on Tibet:

"I am deeply concerned about the violent clashes that have erupted in Lhasa, Tibet. Based on the limited information available, there is an urgent need for all parties, and in particular the Chinese security forces, to exercise restraint, to demonstrate respect for human rights and to protect civilians from danger. I call on the Chinese government to prevent further escalation of this conflict and to urgently pursue resolution through peaceful means.

"I co-sponsored the Fourteenth Dalai Lama Congressional Gold Medal Act and co-sponsored the Tibetan Policy Act of 2001, supporting a dialogue between the People's Republic of China and the Dalai Lama. I have personally met with the Dalai Lama. I asked President Jiang Zemin to explain China's repression of the Tibetans and their religion during his 1997 state visit to the United States. More than 10 years later, Chinese repression in Tibet continues. This week, Tibetan monks have sent a message to the world that their aspirations for religious liberty remain as strong as ever.

"Upholding freedom and human rights in Tibet will happen through negotiation, and with a commitment on all sides to seeking constructive solutions for the benefit, above all, of the Tibetan people."

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