Beastie Boys on "Chicago 10" soundtrack

Chicago 10 is a documentary about the events surrounding the controversial 1968 Democratic Convention in Chicago. The movie premiered at the 2007 Sundance Film Festival, and it was released in select theaters on Friday, February 29. The soundtrack was released on February 19.
1. Nothing From Nothing ~ Billy Preston
2. Sabotage ~ Beastie Boys [watch the clip from Chicago 10]
3. Fighting Side Of Me, The ~ Merle Haggard
4. Moonlight Becomes You ~ Harry James Orchestra
5. Kick Out The Jams ~ Rage Against The Machine
6. Down The Street ~ Rage Against The Machine
7. Wake Up ~ Rage Against The Machine
8. Monster Suicide America ~ Steppenwolf
9. TB Sheets ~ Van Morrison
10. Mosh ~ Eminem
11. War Pigs ~ Black Sabbath
12. Righteous Dub ~ Long Beach Dub All Stars/Barrington Levy
13. Waterfall Dub ~ Gregory Isaacs
14. Four Seasons, The (Spring) ~ Vivaldi
(Thanks, Allan!)


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