Audio of Beastie Boys at Langerado Festival

A generous taper has posted a torrent of the Beastie Boys set at the Langerado Festival on March 7, 2008, at For the torrent-impaired and/or lazy, I made the mp3s below from the .flac files.

Contrary to some fan accounts, Beastie Boys did not perform a new song at the festival. They did, however, do an extended "Work It Out in the Glades" introduction for "Ch-Check It Out."

Beastie Boys Live at the Langerado Festival [LINKS EXPIRED]
March 7, 2008

Crowd Cheers
MMM Intro
The Biz vs The Nuge
Time for Livin'
Super Disco Breakin'
Triple Trouble
Sure Shot
Shake Your Rump (served with shrimp and wheel ups)
Tough Guy
Remote Control
Sabrosa / Lighten Up
Off the Grid
Root Down ("Big Mike D is in the house!")
Rhymin' & Stealin'
Flute Loop
Pass the Mic ("Big Mike D in the area!")
Ricky's Theme
B for My Name
Egg Raid on Mojo
Alright Hear This (with the One Wheelie Dub by Mike)
3 MC's and 1 DJ (with a discussion about MMM's sneeze guard)
Body Movin' (with a discussion about Mike's sweater)
So What'cha Want
Encore (Crowd Cheers)
Ch-Check It Out

If you download the torrent, which I highly recommend, please note that track 12 is "Sabrosa" AND "Lighten Up." It's labeled as "Lighten Up" only.


9:22 AM Nortel said...

I can't do torrents on my computer so BIG THANKS for posting the mp3s!

12:21 PM Spiffy D said...

Thanks ya'll!

12:55 PM Emily said...


Thank you! :)

12:57 PM Hot Sauce said...

Mike D is big in Florida, thus the new name "Big Mike D."

1:20 PM funkyfour said...

florida had a big setlist compared to the other shows

2:53 PM Hot Sauce said...

Big was the theme. :D

4:16 PM Fittonia said...

Thank You!

4:21 PM Kevin said...

Big ups!

6:53 PM Ariel said...

excelente!!! from argentine, i liste the gig right now...

i play my stereo loud i disturb my neighborg.. i want enyoir tha fruits of my labor!!!!

8:38 PM Emily said...

I'm dancing to the show now! It's a great recording!!

11:02 PM Saber said...

i like the version of check it out


11:37 PM Danielle said...

Thank you for posting MP3s. Torrents are too much to bother with. They require two or three programs before you can play any music. The show is wonderful! Florida fans were treated well.

10:30 AM ariel said...

the versions of the live beasties are really incredible.
freestyle between songs.
album with that crudity of the live ones would be brilliant to wait for next that they have (like the difference of versions of 3mc of hello nasty and the one of the video) it is understood?


10:34 AM Hot Sauce said...

You would like a live album, yes?

Do you have the "Awesome; I Fuckin' Shot That!" DVD? I know that it was not released in all South American countries.

3:24 PM Sanford said...

Thanks for the MP3s.

9:33 PM Tigermama said...

Thanks to the taper for recording and to you for posting MP3's!

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