Money Mark and Mix Master Mike concert dates

We've learned of a few more performance dates for both Money Mark and Mix Master Mike. If they're in your arrreeeaaa, be sure to get out and see them. Individually (i.e., without the Beastie Boys), they are great artists who put on fantastic live shows.

Money Mark Concert Dates*
March 17 - House of Blues, Anaheim, California [tickets]
March 18 - Mayan Theatre, Los Angeles, California [tickets]
March 19 - Harlow's, Sacramento, California [tickets]

*Opening for Kinky

Mix Master Mike Concert Dates
April 25 - Kaserne Basel, Basel, Switzerland [ticket info]
May 2 - Stahlwerk, Düsseldorf, Germany [ticket info]

Today we added a "2008 Mix Master Mike Concert Dates" quick link list to Mic to Mic (see right-hand column).


10:58 PM Saber said...

if mmm is touring, it means no beastie shows

4:23 PM Hot Sauce said...

Beastie Boys are working on a new album. I don't expect that they'll perform again until they complete the album. I have heard their name dropped in some discussions about summer festivals, but it's all just rumor and speculation for now.

2:47 PM Fittonia said...

Mixmaster can't let his fingers get rusty.

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