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In a recent interview with the Connecticut Post, Sharon Hagopian (aka Cannonball Jane) shares more about Adam Horovitz remixing a song [see previous story] on her new EP titled Knees Up!:
For Knees Up!, Hagopian called on a friend to do a remix of the song "Take it to Fantastic." That her friend was Adam Horovitz, aka Adrock of The Beastie Boys, should help bring extra attention to the EP.

"My business sense did kick in," she said with a chuckle when asked about having Horovitz's name attached to her Cannonball Jane project. "But he was more than happy to do it.

"He has helped a lot of other bands by helping produce and doing remixes and so I simply asked him if he'd like to do a remix for me. And he really liked the song 'Take it to Fantastic,' so I thought that would be a good match."


9:40 PM Brody said...

I <3 Adrock. He is so sweet to help her.

I like the song a lot!

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