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The images above are scans from the June 2007 issue of Howl, a French music magazine. This magazine was distributed for free outside Le Bataclan in Paris the day of the Beastie Boys Gala Event there.

The magazine contains an interview with Adam Yauch, conducted just before the release of The Mix-Up. In the interview, Yauch describes how the band wanted to make an "organic" album with instruments after making To the Five Boroughs with computers. When asked if he thinks fans expect something other than instrumental songs from the Beastie Boys, Yauch replies that he believes fans expect them to make music that interests the band. (Tis true.) Yauch also jokes that he believes most fans respond to the news of the band working on new music by thinking, "What are those fools screwing with now?"

One of the most interesting questions Yauch is asked is about the band's placing political statements in their songs. Yauch says that he likes seeing fans react to the political and social comments in the songs. He believes it is important to get people thinking and discussing the topics even if their opinions are contrary to the band's opinions. (Very noice!)

Yauch also talks about the meaning of the title of The Mix-Up, what influences their work, and what they learned from running Grand Royal.

(A big shout-out to B-grrrlie, who spied the magazine outside the venue and picked up a copy for me!)


5:02 PM Spiffy D said...

Wow that looks like a nice mag for being free. Score!

I agree with all of Yauch's statements. I often wonder what those fools are screwing with now.

How about a reggae Country Mike hardcore album made with 1980's computers and organic kazoos?

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