Mixing with Adrock

Cannonball Jane (photo by Cryptdang)

The Hartford Courant has published an interview with Sharon Hagopian, aka Cannonball Jane, in which she comments on how she enlisted Adam Horovitz to remix a song on her new EP.

Hagopian tells the Courant:
"I was at his place, and he's always producing and remixing. So he was playing a remix he did for another one of our friends who was in a band called Measles Mumps Rubella and I was like, 'Hey, why don't you do a mix for me?' He's always been really supportive."

"Take It To Fantastic (Smallstars Remix by Adrock)" appears on Cannonball Jane's seven-track EP titled Knees Up! (Gaddycat Records), which is available to purchase at her Myspace page.

A side story...Measles Mumps Rubella, the band Hagopian mentions in the Courant interview, broke up before the EP on which Horovitz' remix was to appear was released; however, members of the band are still marketing their material. Earlier this week, one of the band announced on the band's Myspace page that the Dynamic Disasters EP with Horovitz' remix on it will be available on iTunes in the future.


5:05 PM Brody said...

I love hearing Adrock is such a nice guy. I want to believe it. It's good to hear someone who's not a fan confirm it. :)

7:22 PM Kevin said...

Hey that's good news about the MMR remix! I want to hear it. I like the Cannonball Jane remix Adrock did.

7:39 PM Hot Sauce said...

I'm looking forward to the Measles Mumps Rubella remix too. It's a shame the band broke up.

6:26 AM Top10 said...

Is it possible to hear the cannonbal jane remix anywhere?

10:18 AM Hot Sauce said...

The remix was posted at several mp3 blogs for promotion for a short time. Cannonball Jane doesn't have it posted on her Myspace page, but she really should.

I sent you an email, Top 10.

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