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Reggie Youngblood of Black Kids (photo: myspace.com/blackkidsrock)

Earlier this month, we posted a story about Mike Diamond checking out the Black Kids' set at the CMJ Music Marathon in New York. Today, music site Grooveshark.com published an interview with Black Kids' vocalist/guitarist Reggie Youngblood in which they ask him about having a Beastie Boy as a fan.
Grooveshark: I've read that Mike D from Beastie Boys is a big fan of yours. Do you have any idea how that developed?

Reggie: We don't actually know if he's a fan or not. He came to one of our shows, but I don't know. He traveled to come check us out, he was there–that's a mindfuck, that he came to see us play.

Mike is not alone in his fandom of the Black Kids. The band from Jacksonville, Florida, has been receiving immense attention and accolades from the music media and indie music fan scene. You can download the Black Kids' free EP, titled Wizard of Ahhhs, at their official web site.


5:09 PM Saber said...

excellent ep!

mike has good taste

5:23 PM Klepto said...

me likey these guys, too! :)

6:52 PM Brody said...

Maybe Mike was interested in getting hair tips from the singer. :D

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