Beastie Boys in "Tougher Than Leather"

It seems as soon as the O-scope Cam turned on, it turned off again. Beastie Boys fans will have to find visual entertainment from another source. I think we might be able to help.

Recently a M2M reader inquired about Krush Groove, a 1985 film featuring the Beastie Boys. I was surprised to find no video clips of the Beastie Boys in the film posted at Youtube or other video sites. I had the idea of posting some clips from the film, but was unable to locate the film in my messy collection. I did, however, find Tougher Than Leather, the 1988 film written and directed by Rick Rubin and starring Run-DMC. Beastie Boys appear as themselves in several scenes in the film. I have posted all the scenes from Tougher Than Leather featuring the Beastie Boys to our DailyMotion account for fans to enjoy.

The scene most worth watching is one in which the Beastie Boys perform "Desperado," a song that they never officially released. Note that Hurricane does not appear as their DJ in the scene; the DJ role is played by producer Sam Sever.

Beastie Boys perform "Desperado" in Tougher Than Leather

Other scenes (in film order) featuring the Beastie Boys:

Adrock hits on the record company receptionist

The receptionist digs Run, not Adrock

Beastie Boys have no table manners

Jam Master Jay is not an Hasidic jew (scene features Horovitz and Yauch as Hasidic jews)


6:35 PM Danielle said...

Thanks for posting the videos. They're hilarious!

I hope you can find the Krush Groove video because I am curious about that film.

6:46 PM Hot Sauce said...

I'll keep looking for it.

8:08 PM Saber said...

beastie boys are so ill! can you post more old video?

9:32 PM Iku Hito said...

Thank you, I have not seen the movie.

MCA looks so funny in the last video. :)

9:53 AM missf said...

ahahaha yauch is too cute in the restaurant scene ! ahahahah

anyway i think i've got krush grove in my computer, or, i actually HAD it but im not sure if i deleted the file as i was making space... / but anyway i'd have to learn how to cut parts of videos/wich programs to use... ill look for it!

6:04 PM missf said...

ok i've found krush grove, and from what i recall they appear very briefly in the movie... now if someone could suggest a program to rip parts of the movie... :D

10:11 AM Hot Sauce said...

missf, please email at and I can give you some advice. I need to know if you're using a PC or Mac.

2:10 PM Alikat said...

I took the liberty of posting a whole bunch of Krush Groove clips, including the itsy bitsy Beastie Boys appearance. Start here:
but there are plenty more highlights, espcially Sheila E's "Holly Rock" and Run DMC's "It's Like That." More to come, till they tear them down . . .

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