Live Earth CD/DVD release date changed

The release date for the Live Earth CD/DVD set, which includes the Beastie Boys performance of "Intergalactic," has been pushed back to December 4. A digital album is currently available to download at iTunes. The download is by album only, which means you can't download just "Intergalactic." You must buy the entire album.


5:08 PM Saber said...

the itunes download sucks

like i want madonna and all that other crap?

6:17 PM Spiffy D said...

I'm not a Madonna fan at all but her collabo with Gorgol Bordello at Live 8 was by far the best performance of the whole thing in terms of originality and energy.

I will not be buying this though.

I'd say that Live 8 was mostly a big bowl of Shit Salad with extra croutons.

--- Damian in Seattle

4:47 PM paulbonardelli said...

Exactly, madonna with Gogol was probably the best part of Live Earth.

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