Updates to tour reports

Now that the Beastie Boys tour has ended, many fans have found time to post video and photos from the shows. At Mic to Mic, we've been continually updating our tour reports. If you attended or are interested in particular shows, check the show reports again to see if new content has been added. Recently we've been able to confirm the setlist for several shows that we had little information on when we originally wrote about them.

New content worth pointing out is video of the Toronto Gala Event. A fan who filmed the show has posted video of the entire show on Youtube. If you have an hour and a half of free time, you might enjoy watching the show from start to finish. If you have only a few minutes to spare, watch the video of Beastie Boys performing "Riot Fight" for the first time in many years. (The same fan tells us that he plans to post video of the entire Montreal Gala Event soon, so watch for that to be added.) Another newly posted video worth pointing out is of the short, instrumental version of "High Plains Drifter" performed at the Chicago Gala Event. You don't see something like that at every show!

We would like to make an appeal to those fans who got setlists at shows to send photos or scans of them into us, so we can document the shows correctly here and at Beastiemania.com, our sister site. We also would like to ask fans to submit photos, flyers, posters, etc., from the tour for documentation in the Beastiemania.com archive. (In addition to managing this blog, I am the gigography editor at Beastiemania.com.)

Speaking of Beastiemania.com...we are in the process of redesigning the site and are looking for someone to join the editorial team to help with the redesign. If you are enthusiastic about the Beastie Boys and have the skills and knowledge to help with a site redesign, please send the Beastiemania.com staff an email to express your interest in contributing to the site. We really need someone who has a vision about organizing and presenting data because our database of material has become monstrous. This position is not a casual assignment. We are looking for someone who has the time and talent to help.