Mix Master Mike in Barcelona

Here's a video of Mix Master Mike spinning some Beastie Boys at Club Sala Apolo in Barcelona, Spain, yesterday (Oct. 24) evening. Note the t-shirt he's wearing.

You can watch more videos from the show at Youtube.com.


5:19 PM Saber said...


7:08 PM Spiffy D said...

Ladies and gentlemen, presenting:

The Best DJ in The World!

If you disagree, then step up on the decks and take his crown, punk!

9:00 PM Danielle said...

He never fails to impress.

4:29 PM Kevin said...

Did he have to get the GR shirt from ebay like the rest of us? ;)

6:13 PM PiNNO! said...

maybe it's a stupid question..

but, why is mmm using a laptop??
you can see it (a macintosh) at 1:13 (or 0:39 left)! :-O

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