Dress (your web page) to impress

At the direction of Capitol Records, SplashCast has developed a fun Beastie Boys widget that you can add to your web page, blog, Facebook profile, or MySpace page. It looks like this:

Access videos, photos, a chatroom, the Beastie Boys catalog on iTunes, and the official Beastie Boys web site with this widget.

Visit SplashCast's web site to nab the code.


3:37 PM Klepto said...

yo this widget thingamajigger is cooool...

i'm the only one in the chat right now *sniff*

3:40 PM Hot Sauce said...

Chatting alone? LOL

The thing was just launched. Nobody knows about it yet.

3:47 PM saber said...

thanks - i put that shit on my myspace page

4:50 PM Kevin said...

They need to put some current videos on that thing - like Suco de Tangerina.

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