Mix Master Mike headlines Sonic Visions Festival

After a very short break following the conclusion of the Beastie Boys tour, Mix Master Mike is back on the road again, performing solo shows in Europe. Yesterday (Oct. 12), Mix Master Mike headlined the Sonic Visions Festival, a new music festival, in Esch, Luxembourg.

A fan who attended the festival describes Mix Master Mike's performance:
"...it was midnight, and Mix Master Mike started his set. Resident DJ of the Beastie Boys and three times consecutive turntablism world champion, we were in for something special. This was more than just run of the mill hiphop. Mix Master Mike added his crazy scratches with two turntables on a set that contained surprisingly many rock moments, from Nirvana to Franz Ferdinand, from Queen to Led Zeppelin, thus violating rock classics into a deconstructed yet organised chaos that was fascinating, vibrating and downright exceptional."
Mix Master Mike Tour Dates

October 13 - Industrial Copera, Granada, Spain
October 17 - Nouveau Casino - Paris, France
October 18 - Cargo - Caen, France
October 19 - Festival Days Off - Bordeaux, France
October 20 - La Suite - Brest, France
October 24 - Sala Apolo, Barcelona, Spain
October 25 - Joy Eslava, Madrid, Spain
October 26 - LC Club - Nantes, France


4:15 PM Saber said...

he's the hardest working dj on the planet

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