L'éternelle jeunesse sonique

On my return home from the Beastie Boys European tour in July, I flew from Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris. Before getting on the plane, I popped my head into a newstand at the airport to find something to read on the flight. I recognized three familiar faces on the cover of French music magazine Vibrations.

Although I am capable of translating the article to English, I'm not going to spend the time doing so. The article is basically a history of the Beastie Boys, supplemented with a phone interview with Adam Horovitz. The magazine published a better interview with Horovitz on its web site (part 1 // part 2), which I recommend reading if you understand French. If you don't understand French, you can enjoy the photos on Vibrations' web site and in the following scans of the magazine article:

Beastie Boys on the cover of Vibrations Vibrations - Table of Contents Vibrations - Page 1 Vibrations - Page 2

Vibrations - Page 3 Vibrations - Page 4 Vibrations - Page 5 Vibrations - Page 6

Vibrations - Page 7 Vibrations - Postcard insert 1 Vibrations - Postcard insert 2


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