Unreleased "Body Movin’" music video

In the recent update, Beastiemania.com wrote about the unreleased "Body Movin’" video, which was made of footage recorded during the Beastie Boys' show in Oakland, California, on September 14, 1998. The video has never been released and, as Beastiemania wrote, "back in 1999 mysteriously made its way into trading circles." Miraculously, it also came into my possession.

Read the entry on the unreleased "Body Movin'" video on Beastiemania.com.


11:21 AM Hot Sauce said...

Nice video. They should have put it on the anthology.

Seeing this video now makes you wonder how Mike got his hair to lay flat back then. :D

7:33 PM ggirlballa said...

nice video, and i always wondered how mike's hair was straighter back then & now very curly, anywayz, great find & I love the mic to mic pic!

10:33 PM Laver1969 said...

Keep up the great work!

10:49 PM Anonymous said...

Paul said it best when he said to me, "this video makes me really crave to see them live again" or something like that. It's rather awesome. But Mike, seriously, what's with the hair?


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