Asian shows get the axe before announced

More information is emerging on the Beastie Boys' plans to tour Asia. It appears that in addition to the concert in Malaysia, which has been postponed/cancelled, the band had also planned to stage concerts in Hong Kong and Manila.

From the Malay Mail:

IT appears that fans of New York hip hop group Beastie Boys will have to wait a little longer before they can catch the group in concert.

Yesterday, it was announced that the group will be coming to Malaysia for a concert at the Kiara Equestrian Indoor Arena on Feb 22.

However, Pineapple Concert managing director Razman Razali said the group's maiden concert here had to be postponed because one of the band members had some urgent personal matter to attend to.

"I received a call from Beastie Boys' management early yesterday. Obviously, it's a major blow and we are disappointed with the news as we had planned everything. Then again, things like this are unavoidable," Razman said.

In a statement from the group's management, it was stated that the Beastie Boys are not cancelling the concert but postponing it to a later date, expected to be sometime in September.

Kuala Lumpur is not the only tour date affected as the group has also cancelled their concerts in Hong Kong and Manila.

They will, however, still perform at the Good Vibrations festival in Singapore on Feb 19.


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